Wednesday , February 21 2018

Should You Forgive a Cheating Spouse: This Bloke Says ‘Not Even’ And His Revenge Is Amazing!

Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed!

  • Duston Holloway, 23, from Emory, Texas, came home recently to find his girlfriend drunk and sleeping next to a shirtless male stranger
  • While he admits he first felt like he wanted to ‘kick his a**’, he instead calmly took a number of photos of the pair, and even a selfie with them

When most people find their partners in bed with someone else, their first reaction is to scream and yell, but one betrayed boyfriend instead decided it was the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot.

After Duston Holloway from Emory, Texas, walked in to his bedroom and found his girlfriend passed out drunk next to a random guy, he opted to keep his sense of humor about the unfortunate situation.

Instead of flipping out, he starting snapping photos of them in bed, and he even posed for a selfie in front of the them, later sharing the images on Facebook

Betrayal: When a Texas man arrived in his bedroom to find his girlfriend in bed with another man, he calmly snapped some photos

Surprise! The shirtless other man appeared to be right at home lying in Duston’s bed

‘When you come home to another man in your bed with the one you loved! Good men deserve good women.’ he wrote using a peace sign emoji.


‘Good for you on being the bigger person! I’m sure one day you will find someone will think the world of you!’ a woman named Hailey told him.

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