Thursday , August 16 2018

Live TV At Its Best: Insanely Dramatic Moment For This Meteorologist!

WEATHER girl Rachel Mackley fainted during a live weather broadcast, forcing her co-hosts to intervene.

The 33-year-old, was smoothly delivering the weekend forecast on Friday when she became short of breath and stumbled backwards, urging her fellow presenters to take over.

Wearing a striking red dress with her hair styled in a sleek bob, the glamorous presenter seemed calm and confident as she announced temperatures in the south as “eight or nine degrees”.

But within seconds, the mum-of-one lost her composure, gasping: “I’m so sorry, I’m going to faint.”

The camera quickly cut to BBC South East Today hosts, Polly Evans and Rob Smith who took over while the weather girl composed herself.

Presenter Polly told viewers: “We just need to have a check on Rachel there.”sports reporter later tweeted about the incident, assuring viewers that her friend had recovered: “Just spoken to Rachel Mackley and she’s doing okay. Scary moment on South East Today but she’s doing alright.”Shocked tweeters sent their well-wishes to the beauty.

The presenter took a sharp intake of air before stumbling backwards

The shock incident came out of nowewhere

One user wrote: “Hope Rachel Mackley is okay? Well done to Rob and Polly for carrying on so well when she was taken ill.”While another chimed in: “Just witnessed weather girl faint live on air @bbcsoutheast. Poor Rachel Mackley, do hope she is ok?”A spokesperson from the BBC told “Rachel is recovering well and hopes to be back on air soon.”

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