Thursday , August 16 2018

Tesla shuts down Model 3 assembly again to fix bottlenecks | CBC News

Shares of Tesla Inc. traded lower Tuesday after reports that the company had shut down production of its Model 3 mass-market electric car again to solve manufacturing bottlenecks.

The automaker told employees this week there would be a four- or five-day production hiatus. The company says it warned of future production pauses when it shut down the line to improve automation in February .

Tesla says shutdowns are common when a new model is launched and will improve production rates. But Autopacific analyst Dave Sullivan says manufacturing doesn’t normally stop for days, especially nine months after production began.

Tesla shares dropped 1 per cent to $287.80 US in morning trading. The broader markets were up about one per cent.

Model 3 production began in early July in Fremont, California. Pricing starts at about $35,000 US.

–Credit: CBC | Technology News

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