Wednesday , April 25 2018

Exclusive Story: You Will Never Believe What Happened To This Woman!

A Filipina nanny in Abu Dhabi was gifted by her employer enormous amount of cash, enough to buy a land in her hometown.

Dina Tenerife Celo, 45, from Sagnay, Camarines Sur, never thought that she will be given an enormous gift from her generous employer.

Melissa McPike, Celo’s employer, gave her Dh23,000 or approximately P320,000 last Oct. 2017 to purchase a land in her province. McPike also said that she will help finance the entire construction of the house. As soon as the construction gets done, the employer’s whole family is set to visit the house of their nanny.

The property was named under her only child Ryan, who is now 6 years old.

Celo will also flight back home this January 18 with Saeed, her employer’s son, to plan the construction of the house.

Her Story

Celo first went to Saudi Arabia to try her luck as an OFW. However, her first attempt ended quickly for a reason only she knows.

She went back home temporarily then decided to go to United Arab Emirates. That’s when she landed a job at McPike’s residence in Khalifa City last 1998.

Saif and Saeed with their Mother Melisa

Her tasks was to take care of two kids Saeed, 6, and Saif, 4.

However, her contract with McPike ended and she was able to try different jobs across the Emirates until 2014.

Despite the distance, Celo maintained the communication with her previous employer as well as her two wards.

Just when Celo thought that it’s now time to go back to the Philippines, McPike’s family took her back.

The Filipina OFW was so grateful for the kind gesture that her employer has given her.

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