Friday , April 27 2018

You Will NEVER Believe What This Blonde Bombshell Does For A Living!

Canada’s hottest plumber’ lifts lid on life working as a woman in the male-dominated industry

The 24-year-old is determined to challenge stereotypes by showing women can succeed in whichever workplace they choose

Aimee Stanton from Montreal Canada, was initially mistaken as a hairdresser – and says the road to success wasn’t easy.
She explained: “A lot of people aren’t used to seeing girls on the job, so they’re like ‘is she serious’?”

“But I think it’s also been a blessing. You have to work hard to prove yourself and get your hands dirty.”

Aimee has overcome a number of obstacles, including a childhood blighted by depression. She says she’s proving her critics wrong after gaining success in her plumbing career

The 24-year-old gives an insight into her plumbing life through her Instagram account

She enrolled in beauty school “because my friends were doing it”, but while working as a labourer for her dad realised where her true passion lay.

“I love using my hands and decided that’s what I wanted to be doing. I was the only girl to enroll at my Tafe.

“After 140 applications I landed my first roof plumbing job.”

She admits there was a steep learning curve – in her first week alone she fell through a roof, got a piece of metal stuck in her backside and got her bra stuck in a cable tray.

But she lost no time learning the ropes and won the Best Female Apprentice award by the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors Association (ACMCA).

Now, Aimee wants to use her journey to inspire misguided youngsters to find their calling.

She said: “A lot of people assume women will be treated differently, but if show you can work hard, that’s not the case.

“I especially want more girls to get into this. But I want to help any struggling teenagers to explore other paths in life. If you really want something, you can achieve it.

“You just need a positive mindset. I want to show people you can turn any bad situation into a good one.”

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