Saturday , May 26 2018


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NZ Space Challenge winner announced

The search for New Zealand’s top space talent has come to an end, with the winner of the 2018 NZ Space Challenge announced in Christchurch on Thursday night. The inaugural Space Challenge was won by GPS Control Systems with their concept of a Global Navigation Satellite System to help heavy …

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Hands-on review: Play as androids in Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is an interesting game that looks at a near future where androids are living sentient beings. Does that make them human? The theme of robots becoming smarter than humans and being classified as “living things” has been explored in many other movies such as the Blade Runner …

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VPNFilter malware enslaving home networking devices worldwide

A malware called VPNFilter is quickly becoming the security emergency of the year as the number of infections rises – with few ways to defend against it. At least 500,000 devices in 54 countries are thought to be infected by the malware. According to Cisco Talos, the malware may be …

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Why antivirus peace of mind doesn’t have to cost you… anything

Investing in an antivirus solution can often be a tedious task that requires a lot of forethought and research before you are willing to hand over large sums of hard-earned cash. There are a lot of solutions out there that can promise the world, while installing a whole bunch of …

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Taupo talks tech: The local Kiwi firms transforming business from the ground up

Digital transformation isn’t just a buzzword drummed up by well-resourced corporates in the world’s biggest cities – it is very much alive and well in even New Zealand’s smaller communities. I went along to Tech Talk Taupo, a local initiative run by Enterprise Great Lake Taupo as part of Techweek ’18. …

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Norton unveils the Norton Core Wi-Fi Router

For nearly thirty years Norton has been protecting our devices from potentially devastating malicious code via their range of antivirus and firewall software. At CeBIT Australia 2018, held in Sydney’s new state-of-the -art International Convention Centre, Norton launched their first foray into hardware, the Norton Core Wi-Fi Router. The striking …

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Hands-on review: Nanoleaf Light Panels and Nanoleaf Rhythm

A hands-on review by Owen McCarthy Is your living space lacking a certain “je ne sais quois” that you can’t quite put your finger on? Are you struggling to get in the mood when you play your favourite tunes?  Are you looking to create the right ambience for an upcoming …

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Should we be worried about ‘buggy’ EVs

A group of citizen scientists are planting tracking devices in electric vans and cars to measure their performance every minute of the day, month and year.  It is all part of testing how well the EVs go in New Zealand conditions for work and play, where people drive and charge …

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Why security suites are ousting traditional antivirus programs

For a while, the humble antivirus was considered by many as a cure-all for any malicious piece of software or script that interfered with a user’s browsing experience. And it still does exactly that. But here’s the crunch – criminals haven’t been idly sitting by and watching antiviruses destroy their …

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