Thursday , August 16 2018

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You Will NEVER Believe What This Blonde Bombshell Does For A Living!

Canada’s hottest plumber’ lifts lid on life working as a woman in the male-dominated industry The 24-year-old is determined to challenge stereotypes by showing women can succeed in whichever workplace they choose Aimee Stanton from Montreal Canada, was initially mistaken as a hairdresser – and says the road to success …

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Power utilities forced to adapt as climate change brings wilder weather

The increasing intensity of storms that lead to massive power outages highlights the need for Canada’s electrical utilities to be more robust and innovative, climate change scientists say. “We need to plan to be more resilient in the face of the increasing chances of these events occurring,” University of New …

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$10.1m lost: Why Kiwis are losing so much to scammers & how we need to fix it

Tech-savvy scammers are swindling more money from New Zealanders out of their cash – $10.1 million may only be the tip of the iceberg, according to Netsafe. Last year New Zealanders reported the combined $10.1 million loss resulting from online scams and fraud – while the average loss was $10,771, the …

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Apple ships 29 million iPhone X units in Q4 2017

Apple shipped 29 million iPhone Xs in Q4 2017. This made it the world’s best-shipping smartphone model over the holiday season. Adoption was driven by upgrade demand in operator-centric markets, where Apple’s installed base is high and customers can finance the cost of handsets over many months. Another notable highlight …

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Stop patching Spectre & Meltdown issues or risk reboot problems, Intel warns

Intel is warning all users to stop downloading patches for the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities because they are causing system reboot issues for a number of machines. On January 11 Intel received reports from customers that they were experiencing higher system reboots after installing the patches. “Specifically, these systems are …

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